About Element Modern Design

About Element Modern Design

Element Modern Design is a small home operation run by myself, Andrea, and my wife Doriana, out of our barn/studio in Jamestown, RI.

We meet the challenge of melding design and function into unique pieces of art for home or commercial spaces.

We create home furnishings that are modern and functional emphasizing the character of the basic elements of wood, stone and steel while also favoring the use of textiles, concrete and reclaimed materials. Design informs everything we do. We incorporate old industrial parts and repurpose them into something beautiful which is what makes each piece timeless. Our attention to detail is informed by our affinity for construction, shape and form. We convert the old into new and, conversely, transform the new into old bringing out the character and feel of old world elegance through design.

Each piece is unique and cannot be exactly replicated. Our intent is an industrial and minimalist emphasis of natural elements in their raw form. The character of each form speaks for itself while the artist's hand quietly functions to support the elements.

( picture above- mt. Machhapuchhre, Nepal)

About The Artists

We believe that all the great natural Elements ( Earth-Water-Fire-Air) should be enjoyed and celebrated in everyday life. It is our mission to demonstrate our great awe, admiration and respect for these elements through our designs which always strive to exult the elements.